Bob Magettii Vintage Surfboard – 1970’s-80s – Info needed

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bob magetti surfboard
Unique features:      Well a typical “fish” shaped bouyant shape with a wide face and heavy-duty rails sets up for the single fly-tail as  it draws into the unique fish-tail to which sent all others in the water mystified as  the spray from MR’s arching turns covered them all.
Most importantly the “Twin-Fins”set solidly into the board,original give the flair desired as a turning point in surfings history.All the action in the tail section came from these intricate touch bout MR and the team spent in considering the design.In the centre front 5” from the tail the leg rope plug is situated above Bob Magettis shaping rights.
The graphics on the rear are similar style used by “Chicko Rolls” design to which MR always seemed to be hoeing into.The front face however colour scheme is “funky” to say the least.Electric Red down the right face split with a Lime Green down the other. Broken up with heavy pin stripping mimics the stringer proves quite effective.The Mark Richards name in blocked cursive writing surrounded by MR’s thick black outline almost completes a map of Australia one of the first design logos to be used on his boards.
MRs initials faintly penciled to the rear and no dimensions apparent also add to the boards historic research appeal.Similarly to the guy who in restoring an old Harley Davidson discovered Elvis Presley’s signed the under side of the frame is MR’s appeal the same as Elvis ,wait and see.
How did you come to own this board?   Well Nicky Wood was riding his pushbike with it strapped to…!!
Na that was’nt it rode it as a grommet and always remembering the battle with the shredders on the thrusters and pulled of some great waves and surfed even better once i stepped up to three fins.
A gift from my parents at the late father who passed far to early in 1985 alway knew its value would increase and purchased it that year   i was 12 at the time .
What else do you know about this board? Well defined beefy rails sound glassing has keep it solid for the decades gone by.However my attempts in securing to a antique “meatsafe”built from an old hardwood fence involved drilling two holes to bolt it down.Easily fixed and all the general detailing will bring it up to showroom condition.Over the years friends offers have exceeded $1500,which always regret not parting with .
What more would you like to know about this board?     With MR in pencil on rear back face and no detailed dimensions could it be MR’s board .The size suits the great man would make it a great item for a MR enthusiast.
Last year offered to the MR museum unable to drive to Newcastle was not willing to courier it up but the staff liked what they saw MR may saw pictures then.
However also have a n extremely early Simon Anderson Thruster i have been told it is quite possible worth more than the MR .
Stay in touch can arrange clear images for ya thanks guys see what ya reakon

If you have any information about this board at all please leave it in the comments section below. Thank you!


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