Vintage Stringerless Longboard 1965 Shaped by Len Dibben

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Booragoon, Western Australia, Australia

This is a 9ft 5” x 23 1/2” x 3 1/4” Stringer less.Shaped by Len Dibben in 1965 -66 

As you can see it has a wide 8” Square tail & a full outline as were most of this era Number 288.
This board would have been an early Stringer less around 1965 for a bigger surfer.
The glassing is 8 oz bottom & 2 x 6 oz Deck in Volane with Isothalic Resin.As you can See I had to do Taped up Cut Backs because of the Volane & Isothalic resin Created a dark border & if you did not the glassing would have been very ordinary & not professional
The Bottom is rolled but slightly flatter at the nose area.
The rails are pinched & 50 /50 all the way through . The condition is like new except for the Water marks.
All I have done in Restoring the Great long board is to go over the whole board Grind out the fractures & re-glass  then Completely sand the whole board & Re finish coat & Polish. Need $3-000
Shaper/Brand L:en Dibben Stringerless 9ft 5'' number 288 Shaped by Len Dibben
Year Made circa 1965
Country Australia
State/Province Western Australia
distance: 12,417 Kilometers
Address Booragoon, Western Australia, Australia

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