Joe Larkin Vintage Surfboard – Info Needed

November 6, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Vintage Surfboards - Help these owners with info about their boards.

orange vintage joe larking surfboard

Year made



Joe Larkin


9′ long by 2′ wide Not sure thickness approx 2″ I reckon

Unique features

Signed by Joe Larkin. Also It is a Gold Label which I believe was a bit of “bling” back in the day

How did you come to own this board?

Picked it up in a board shop about 20 years ago

What else do you know about this board?

I think the fin is a modification. It hums a bit on bigger waves so I reckon it might not be on straight.

What more would you like to know about this board?

Couple of things. It has a pink/orangy gel coat on it which I guess was something that was done in the early 70s (perhaps). Does anyone know if it is possible to sand this pink/orangy gel coat off or is that a bad move? 
Also does anyone know if Joe is still with us and if so, where can I find him (I heard maybe Kingscliff)? I’d like to ask him if he would be able to sign the board, but also I will not bother him if anyone thinks this would not be appropriate to ask. Thanks for any help or advice. Best regards Simon

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